An alternative gift is a nontraditional way of giving.
Alternative Gifts International meets the.
They began to look for ways to introduce the AGM to others outside of their own congregations.
Roberta Abraham, representative from Collegiate Presbyterian Church, who provided the stimulus for the 20th anniversary Market shoe discount espadrilles Day at CPC and this history of the Ames Area AGM.Increasing impact and growth of Ames Area AGM.Market Days at Bethesda Lutheran Church were busy with displays provided by the congregations (many using items from culture kits borrowed from the Iowa State Foreign Student Office entertainment, refreshments, shopping lists, holiday cards, and a table of free- trade gifts from Worldly Goods.CPC held the market in its Social Hall.In addition to special markets.At each booth shoppers could learn about specific life-sustaining projects for the poor and for the planet, and then fill out a shopping list of the projects they wished to support.Market Day at Bethesda Lutheran Church.Wheatsfield Cooperative from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays, December 8 15, alternative gifts will be available on Sundays in December at participating churches, and at alternativegifts.Since 1991, the AGM has beauty bay makeup gift sets offered a chance to help needy families nearby and far away with a wide selection of meaningful, life-giving gifts that can change Ames or the world.(Related contributions, which totaled 90,700, are donations received as a result of fundraising activities.).Kelly McFall, chair's Profession / Business Affiliation.
The history was compiled to highlight the growth of this ecumenical activity and the impact it has had on social services and charities in Ames and around the world.
Ingrid Anderson and Cynthia Shriver who are currently organizing AGM activities.Thus, in 19ine congregations co-sponsored the Market Day at Bethesda Lutheran Church and collected contributions in their individual churches in November and December.The hall was filled with market booths organized by various church committees.In-kind support 400, total Income 230,864, programs: 87, fundraising: 1, administrative: 12, total Income 230,864, program expenses 217,816.Cecilia became the 10th congregation to co-sponsor the Ames Area AGM.The 20th anniversary market was held at Collegiate Presbyterian Church and was a huge success.

In these last four years, the Ames Area AGM also expanded the list of local agencies that we support, including Food at First, Story County Community Dental Clinic, Global Builders (Ames High Uganda Project and the Ames-ISU ywca.
The AGM offers gifts with a conscience.
The many entertainers who delighted market-goers during the years the market was held at Bethesda Lutheran: including the Collegiate Methodist Brass; the Moingona Girl Scouts; the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Folk and the Bluemoon Players; the Bethesda instrumental ensemble; the United Church of Christ girls choir;.