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Additionally, petsmart grooming promo code august 2017 he is a CPA and holds a masters degree in taxation, which allows him to clearly explain all options available to you and offer his expert guidance.
(These have been neglected areas of the Internal Revenue Code, but could increase in importance.).As this Client Alert went to press, the IRS has not yet issued definitive guidance regarding the applicable basic exclusion amount for 2018.In particular, the tax issues described below have a significant impact on individuals and businesses alike, and merit consideration.Note that one of the uncertainties relates to the use of a different inflation index (chained CPI) as compared to prior law, which some commentators suggest may yield an exemption amount of only.18 million per taxpayer.Additional Planning Tools: Notwithstanding the most significant tax changes since the 1980s, traditional estate planning tools including grantor retained annuity trusts (grats qualified personal residence trusts (qprts charitable remainder trusts (CRTs charitable lead trusts (CLTs irrevocable life insurance trusts (ilits) and dynastic generation-skipping gift trusts.Many accounting firms, financial planners, and fellow attorneys refer our firms services to their clients, and we also proudly assist business owners, families, and individuals with htune discount code matters such as: Gift tax planning and estate planning services made stronger by our extensive tax knowledge, as well.With the doubling of federal exemption amounts, such formula gift planning deserves careful review.However, once they have worked with us and realize we offer tangible and effective results, many individuals retain our services on a more permanent, ongoing basis.
This enables both spouses' annual gift tax exclusion to be used.
He approaches the specific circumstances of each client with great thought and care, ultimately developing creative yet effective strategies to address your individual needs.Most of the time, our clients seek out our help when faced with a specific question regarding taxation.Importantly, this provision of the 2017 Act sunsets on January 1, 2026, at which time (barring further legislative action) the basic exclusion amount will revert.0 million (with inflation adjustments).Thorough tax planning for individuals and businesses.When law changes sunset, the higher exemption gift opportunities will be lost.In addition to the general pass-through deduction, qualified real estate investment trust (reit) dividends and qualified publicly traded partnership (PTP) income automatically receive the pass-through deduction, without the wage and adjusted basis limitations noted above.Are there ways to reduce my own or the recipients tax liability for gifts that exceed annual allowable limits?The gift tax applies to the donor.The content is derived from sources believed to be accurate.Representation before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS the Franchise Tax Board and California State Board of Equalization.