electronic wedding gift ideas

People's enjoyment also wanes as they become accustomed to their holiday lifestyle.
However, while choosing a gift for the couple, do keep in mind certain things like which party has invited you, the girls or the boys, your relation, your budget etc.
Also known as Shagun in certain parts of India, cash not only gives the couple the gift of choice, but for the guests it releases them from the pressure of having to worry about the likability of their gifts.
Diamond earrings and rings are also very popular options when it comes to wedding gifts.You can even buy suit pieces or just buy a blazer for him.It can be to a serene hill station like Kashmir or Uttaranchal, or it can be a romantic beach holiday in Goa or Andamans.Perfumes, designer perfumes are a great gift to wish the couple the best in their new journey.For that purpose gifting a saree, or lehenga or salwar-kameez, is a great option.Spa Session, indian weddings are a long maine made gifts drawn out process with multiple ceremonies spanning over days.On a long vacation, day seven is less good than day one because it's not as exciting.
This is why the last few days of a week long holiday tend to be a bit boring.Certain ideas remain deep-rooted in our Indian psyche and gender roles are being reversed every day, certain gifts are favored more for gifting the bride keeping in mind her traditional role of keeper of the household, than others.Traditionalists prefer 22K gold jewelry, while more modern-minded people are choosing platinum and 18k gold jewelry with modern designs.When in a fix while choosing the gift, you can always opt to give cash as a token of love.It is a great idea to gift the newlyweds an all-expense paid trip to a beautiful destination for just the two of them.It may be a modern queen size bed, or it can be the cozy recliner set for them to relax or even a nice decorative indoor swing.Leave your mark forever in their home with a piece of beautiful furniture.If you are a photography enthusiast and believe that photos are the best ways to relive a moment over and over again then you may consider creating a very special photo montage for the couple before, during or after the wedding ceremonies.That's why regular four-day-weekends provide more benefit to personal well-being than going away for a whole week. Baking classes are also good way to help enhance a friends culinary repertoire.