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Other fees: Wire transfer fee, copying fee, late fees, and more.BBD.5092, these rates are indicative only and are subject to change without notice.Click where it says you can begin a new application and youll reach the landing page.For now, Ill say this card is in double thumbs down territory.After you have signed up for an account and met the deposit requirement, you will be able to earn the stated bonus as well as a host of account features to better your banking experience!Well, as easy as First Premier will let me make it for you!And if you carry a balance, well, yikes, Ill be worried for you.The interest rate is 36 freakin percent.But note that your initial limit is only 225 because the 75 annual fee is deducted from.Rates and fees, you know how I always harp about how important it is to read the fine print?
If you really feel you have no alternatives, I recommend using this card responsibly for a year to get the payment history on your credit report.To get started, you have to register your personal promo code online ( see mailer ).Really, when raddish kids discount it comes to credit cards for bad credit, its hard to pick out the best ones, isnt it?Minimum balance transfer amount 500.Annual fee: Its 75 for the first year.Credit limit: You get a 300 credit limit.Now, this is just the minimum cost of the card.