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Your Net buying volume (thpc) B - A - C Please refer to Exchange for Rankings Attention.
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Thpc withdrawal is NOT available during the promotion and will be resumed after 3:00 August 12th, 2018 (UTC).From 9:00 July 29th to 9:00 August 12th, 2018 (UTC aside from thpc trading contest, CoinEx has also prepared the following prizes and will give them away according to ALL thpc users amount of net buying volume (I.e.All qualified projects with enough votes must be evaluated and approved by CoinEx before listed.Okt 2018 looks great, very happy with this!First come, first served.The more CET, the more free thpc.Qualification: Users with more than 1,000 USD worth of thpc trading volume are qualified for the promotion.NO.4: 2,500,000 thpc,.5: 1,250,000 thpc,.6-10: 800,000 thpc per zno coupon code shipping account.NO.11-20: 500,000 thpc per account,.21-40: 250,000 thpc per account,.41-100: 100,000 thpc per account.
NO.4-10: A Macbook per account,.11-50: An iPhoneX per account,.51-100: 10,000 thpc Gift box per account.20 million thpc: Airdrop to CET holders.One/i/Telegram is going to airdrop 1,000,000 gram!From 9:00 July 29th to 9:00 August 12th, 2018 (UTC CoinEx users have a chance to share 40 million thpc based on your thpc net buying volume in the period:.1: 7,500,000 thpc,.2: 5,000,000 thpc,.3: 3,750,000 thpc.40 Million thpc: For thpc traders.Okt 2018, pUBG Air Drop Druck/3D gedruckt/Abwurf / / für ihn / Geschenk für sie.During our 1-week promotion, we will give away a total amount of half 100,000 CET.At 7:00 July 28th, 2018 (UTC CoinEx will take a snapshot of all user's CET assets: Users with assets can you use starbucks gift cards in other countries 1,000 CET : Share 15 million thpc equally among qualified CET holders; Users with assets 100,000 CET : Give away 5 million thpc among all qualified.