gift ideas for new dog owners

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But then again you never know.
Tea Lights 2: Get in the mood by lighting a few tea lights for a spa day or while reading some good Chick Lit.So as an HR professional here at Fit Small Business, I think a great employee gift would be something current, clever, and even a little bit quirky like this Shower Wow, based on an As Seen On TV commercial.Keep their coats clean and tangle-free for a few bucks.Its fun to use and it fits neatly into.Kids Adhesive Bandages 1: I wanted to call these little cuties Band-Aids, but I guess thats a brand name.The best gift is something that recognizes that you pay attention and know something about an individuals interests and things they enjoy.Good employers reward staff with more than a paycheck.
Commuter passes can also be part of an employee benefits package.If youve got a dog walker or a feline sitter on your gift list, theres something in store for the fur people too.Every scrapbooker needs a few good crafting stickers, and kids should play with them too.OK, win a castle its colorful putty perfect for sticking into your sisters ear.The more you know about someone, the better you are able to personalize and individualize a gift thats meaningful regardless of the dollar amount.So, we bought branded snuggies, and they wear them everyday!We know this because numerous employees told us how meaningful it was.