great gifts for filmmakers

You can turn the intensity all the way up and use it as a work light, you can mount it with adhesives to serve as a practical light, or you can use it as the perfect fill light for any tough, small shooting environment.
Walkie-Talkie Surveillance : Every crew member on set uses a walkie-talkie to communicate across departments, and surveillance is a must since weve got to keep quiet while filming.Take it one step further by getting them an emergency bivvy.These pocket guides by the Black and Blue make life a lot easier.Label Maker :.99 Hard Drive :.94 Portable Printer : 146.96 iPad Pro : 649.00 (going big!) Camera Department (cinematographer, camera operator, assistant camera, camera production assistant, still photographer) Paper Tape :.62 per roll (youll want to buy several different colors) Hard T-Marks.A storyboarding app like Storyboard Composer can save a lot of time and embarrassment.This list is full of affordable items we will truly never get tired.Directors are constantly short of something.
At 20 dollars, its a bit pricey for an app but still under many Secret Santa spending limits.
Stepping away from the cameras built-in mic will be the first step to detail acknowledgement which will take their films to the next level.
Directors may be visionary, but it doesnt mean they can all draw.Plus, it means new profile pics on all those social media channels.Film Leader Mug: 18 35mm Heads Tails Bandana: 29 CineStripe Crew Neck: 45 imax 15/70mm Countdown Sweatshirt: 48 B W 35mm Countdown Backpack: 65 TriLens lens holster lets you carry three lenses at once right on your hip: 117 Steadicam Volt smartphone stabilizer.Stabilo Fine Point set for optimal coloring that can also double as on-set pens for color-coded organization and labeling.A Special T Shirt.I want that shirt, new Head Shots, actors need to get their head shots updated regularly, so this will never go to waste.New files added weekly, preview downloads, sIGN UP free FOR extra goodies.A laptop can provide quick visual feedback, to review shots before moving on to the next location, but will also be a great and needed tool for editing in post-production.

Aluminum Storage Clipboard :.09, lockbox :.95, sharpies :.99, weatherproof File Box :.99.
No writer splurges on sweatpants, so theres great gift potential.
Portable Battery Charger : This is such a practical and useful tool for anyone filming on location.