how to get more reward points sims 4

Dance Floor The Dance Floor is a brand new object that ties in with the Dance Skill.
Dance Skill (Level 1) This Sim can now participate in the One Two Steppin Group Dance, and show off with the Arm Charm dance move on the Dance Floor.
Any lot can be zoned into a retail easiest way to win at a casino lot.House Call Some Sims are too sick to travel to the hospital.Making a Diagnosis Examining a patient with a series of tests is available to your Sim at Orderly (Rank 2) of the career and then transferred to a higher ranking doctor for diagnosis.If the fire is not put out immediately, it can spread to your Sim and eventually burn them to death.But, Mylom was brave enough to proudly opsm discount racv display her gifted websites for parents bald head.Special Bar Nights offer great ways to mingle with the right crowd.
CAS and Object Perks are available for any Sim in your Household, even if they are not in the Club.
Once this became Lord Bernards favorite painting spot, maze attendance dropped dramatically.All items including hats, accessories, and shoes will be part of the outfit as well.The perks points menu is replaced with the purchase advertising bubble.Increasing the Dance Skill unlocks new dance moves and gives Sims a boost of confidence while on the dance floor.Sometimes a thought bubble of medicine will pop.Many of your goals will be to perform mean interactions with them.Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game.