Do you know someone who ducks out of gift wrapping during the holidays?
One will be enough. For example, if your box is 2 inches deep, youd trim your paper so the ends section is one and a quarter inches longer than the box length on each school of dragons gift card end. Tie another knot with each looped piece.Its one of my favorite places and I share lots of extra projects, inspiration for the home and content I dont share anywhere else.Dont miss a single creative idea I share! Trim the bow tails like the picture below. Im certain you can follow along.How to tie a department store quality bow in simple steps.Following H2OBungalow on Facebook?
Tape one side to the box.
Do this for both sides.
Next, line up any pattern and tape the other side on top of the first. Add a small fold (optional) on the bottom flap.It worked for me!Yesterday, I mentioned I could use some help wrapping a few gifts fake apple gift card numbers that work that need to be mailed.With a little practice wrapping a gift like the department stores is easy and the simplest of gifts become extra special with a beautiful presentation.Arrange your bow and fluff where needed. Bring it back around to the front and tie a knot. Run your fingers along the edge for good crisp edges.

Place the gift box front side down.
 How to wrap a gift in easy steps was written for them!
 Ive written how to wrap a gift in easy steps.