how to make a paper gift bag templates

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You can also add handles Now this is the final step and it actually depends on what you want.
Love this idea youll want to check out.Moreover, the gift was an odd shape so was not easy to wrap as well.Unfold the last fold made.Your bag has pleated margins now and is almost ready back to menu.So friends, dont you find this a wonderful gift wrapping idea?Paste the two flaps together using glue and press so that the base is firm.Step 2: Paste the two sides together with glue.I have used chart paper for making this DIY Gift Bag but you can use old newspapers, magazines, craft papers or wrapping papers.It can be be a useful and interesting craft activity for kids during the holidays or for a craft project.
Step 2 Cut the chart paper.
Like our Facebook Page and Stumble It!This is going to determine the height of your bag and thus the space inside.Colors, paper bags for everyday use can be done with simple brown paper.So I happily went to the party with my gift wrapped in a beautiful handmade paper bag.Cast aside that typical gift wrap and give pizazz to your gifts.

Apply glue on triangular shaped creases/flaps as shown below.
Now this is your half finished Paper bag and you can see what the width of your gift bag is going.