how to win zomberry island on poptropica

The subway pass will be in your inventory. .
Then, click on the baseball moms rule promo codes antidote.Now after you get a straight column of lit windows, climb to the top of the building and.Click on the lunchbox and move the sandwich out of the way.Run left and talk to the cops standing next to the Fort Savini Tunnel, which has been blocked by a school bus and anything else they could find.The bar on top shows how far you are to winning, and your score is displayed in the top left.The end is totally NOT nigh!Jump off the beam and go down the Subway to the left of the construction site.Pick up the receipt for Fred's Fruit from the table she was standing in front of - hey, it looks like she does eat fruit.Living in a crate Now go to the fence and use your Bolt Cutters to break the lock and get into the Wharf.Say that you couldnt climb up the crates because the zombies kept attacking you.
Get to his phone and play all four videos to learn what's been happening.When you move everything how to gift wrap a pillow to the sides, click on the Subway Passport.But it looks like those zombies have other plans.To reveal the corner of a purple card.The platform that the Dorf Bean car is on will tilt downward, pointing the light at the zombies.You will meet this man who appears to have made a little apartment in there.To the left of the steering wheel will be a button labeled lights.

This will make you scream and it will make you run away from the zombies.