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The picture below represents a Gift link (top) and the game being emailed directly to a friend (bottom) The top gift mini port gift set link will display a unique URL.After making that purchase you will see 2 emails - 1 confirmation payment email, and an email confirming that the bundle link has been sent to your friend (with their email address in view).After clicking that option you will see another pop up where you can enter that information: The Anonymous checkbox is available for this option too note: All purchases made on your account as a personal purchase (non-gift) will be tied to your region.A Note About Humble Store and Widget Purchases: The gift box will not appear on download pages for purchases made from the Humble Store, purchases direct from a developers website, or pages distributed from a Kickstarter or similar project.Humble Store, just add the game to your Shopping Cart and then click the.More like this., save money ON your PC games!More like this., Humble Unity Bundle: Humble Monthly.
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Gifting the Humble monthly, partial Gifting: Gifting Individual Keys * Only keys can be gifted can you use starbucks gift cards in other countries using this partial gifting system.
Note: If you only want to gift one or a few of the games in a bundle, you can purchase the bundle for yourself and then use our partial gifting feature zno coupon code shipping to gift individual keys from the bundle to friends or family members.If you want to make the gift anonymous, please check the ".Was this article helpful?Once that page is opened, they will see instructions.Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds.67 out of 108 found this helpful.This purchase is a gift; send me a gift link checkbox before checkout: warning, if you are purchasing multiple products, some of which are gifts, please make separate purchases for those products which are gifts and those which are for your personal use.More information about how to place a gift order can be found in the first two sections of this help article.This will send the bundle directly to them!

Table of contents: Gifting Bundles, purchasing a bundle as a gift for a friend or family member is as easy as checking a box!
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