La Présidente describes the blue light cinema discount first 100 days of Marine Le Pen at the Élysée palace, mobilising the political machinery and methods that the FN has employed through its history.
In November 2015, former president Nicolas Sarkozy proposed electronic bracelets and house arrest for S file suspects, suspected of radicalisation, and in April 2016, Francois Hollande authorised the use of facial-recognition software.
With less than a month to go before the first round of Frances presidential election, most opinion polls are predicting the same outcome.It was the source of wavering and bickering inside the party.That required a large number of voters whod initially supported other candidates to vote for someone who wasnt their first choice.She is seen as having a strong future in the party but is not in an immediate position for a power grab.It ended up on the April 23 first-round vote with a four-way split, ranking centrist Emmanuel Macron first with.01, followed by Marine Le Pen of the Front National (FN).30.Marine Le Pen with her advisers on March.
The central question is how predictable the final outcome can be based on an extrapolation of the polls.
Le Pen immediately vowed that she would radically overhaul and reinvent her political movement, leaving open the possibility the Front National could be renamed.Marine Le Pen speaking in Metz, March 18, 2017.It is a French tradition of strategic voting that aims to keep extremists well away from the halls of power.The Front National is not finished, said shop your way rewards card customer service Jean-Yves Camus, director of the Observatory of Radical Politics at the Jean-Jaurès foundation in Paris.Political scientists have warned that no one should write off the French far right after Marine Le Pens presidential loss.Her party, the Front National (FN has gone from a pariah in the 1980s to a major political force.

These polls certainly foresee the "front républicain" springing into action.
In Paris, Berlin and Madrid, new alignments emerge, even as the French president oversees the education of a new citizen.