The front of the bottle has prize bull painting a sticker of white cherry blossoms.
"To my sweet scented fans for the decade of love, xoxo Britney" and "You are my inspiration, xoxo Britney".
This impacts the ability of the fragrance to last and around eighty percent of the oils in an EDT fragrance will evaporate within three hours of application.
The Fuchsia bottle once featured real Swarovski crystals embedded into the glass and the plastic collar until 2008.I hate being bold, but this is the best of the line.In April 2007, Spears set out a paparazzi contest with the aim of promoting the perfume.The traditional green from the box was changed to red, the bottle is red with pink crystals and a gold bottle neck.Projection and longevity, thats almost how to activate steam gift from g2a intimidating.The bottle has a bright top with a dark bottom and dark black jewels going all the way around.The notes are blackberry, coconut, whipped cream, gardenia, jasmine, violet, amber, cashmere, amber and musk.There are no crystals going around the bottle, like Maui Fantasy but unlike the others in the line.The perfume came out in September 2009.
3 4 5 6 Hidden Fantasy edit The perfume is a spin-off fragrance of the original perfume Fantasy and it hit the stores in January 2009.
Island Fantasy edit Island Fantasy is a fragrance created probikekit promotion code by Britney Spears citation needed and Elizabeth Arden.Fantasy was created by Jim Krivda.Wow, something happened in that 1 Million line.Sanders observed that "the timing couldn't be worse" for such a downturn in sales of the perfume, because the craze for celebrity perfumes was already declining across all fragrances, having fallen 17 to USD140 million in 2006.Midnight Fantasy is recommended for romantic wear.Fantasy Twist was released in September 2012.It is a sphere shaped bottle that breaks in half leaving one side a pink bottle which is Fantasy, and one side a dark blue bottle that is Midnight Fantasy.Commentators observed that Spears' requirement that photographs not contain "nudity, obscenity, or violent depictions" would rule out several photographs taken of Spears herself that contained nudity.