36 "The Monster of Chaos" " Konton no Kaibutsu " December 22, 2004 February 15, 2010.
UK Labs Have Secretly Made 155 Human Animal-Hybrids.Eva also discovers her father, Dr Heinemann, dead in his office.Tenma begin to grow after the latter is questioned afterwards.Grimmer finds Wim when they find him with the bullies dead and finds the gun still loaded that someone else shot them.Reichwein mulls the death of his patient Richard Braun with.As Nina recovers in a hospital, Tenma (using a lead from Capek before his death) travels to Prague, meets with Lipsky and determines that Johan is in Ruhenheim.She also hears the voice of Roberto masquerading as Tenma's lawyer.38 "The Demon in My Eyes" " Waga me no Akuma " January 19, 2005 February 22, 2010 After a brief gunfight, Roberto is shot twice and falls over the balcony, seemingly to his death.Reichwein of her new job.They all seem perfect for most gift-giving occasions.
Lunge reveals to Ranke that while he was able to obtain information on Emil Scherbe, Klaus Poppe, and Jacov Vyrobek (all the same person he is not able to obtain information on Franz Bonaparta.
Meanwhile, Lunge returns to Düsseldorf and confronts Vardemann with his father's past and links to Franz Bonaparta.
Meanwhile, Nina and.25 "Thursday's Boy" " Mokuyoubi no Seinen " September 29, 2004 January 11, 2010 Karl Neumann and Lotte Frank are both students who read Latin to Hans Georg Schuwald.Tenma goes to see amazon 500 rs gift card free the boy he had saved.While Eva makes a phone call at a payphone, Tenma sneaks away.Dieter is on his way home.