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And that would give China the excuse to nuke the United States.
And, given President Obamas refusal to attend the Olympic games with other world leaders that include Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, it should be obvious that the relationship between the worlds super powers are strained.
The latest Iranian announcement is perhaps aimed at turning the heat up on European powers to come up with guarantees that the deals benefits will be in place even with.S.
No one believed it could happen in the early 1910s and again in the late 1930s.But what if history rhymes once again?Its an outlier to be sure.Russia and China its too early theyre not ready to go to a third world war over gift ideas for granny uk Iran.Not civilian targets per say.The complete collapse of the world we have come to know as it relates to commerce and consumption is a foregone conclusion.The Associated Press, oct 19, top Technology Stories, latest Technology Headlines.You may have two days notice when that attack in Korea starts, before China launches on the United States.The only way the.S.
I think there will be an attack against South Korea.
There will be about 12 or 15 cities that are inextricably connected with the military that are going to get hit that I mentioned.
The EU says it can create conditions for Iran to continue to benefit from the deal but is wary of giving any guarantee.As Skousen warns, in such a scenario youll have about two days to get out of major cities to a safe location outside of the blast radius.As was the case with World Wars I and II, the chess pieces are being positioned well in advance.Iran has apparently deployed warships near US borders and China has continually balked at internationally established air zones, encroaching.S.Withdrawal from the nuclear deal last month.Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats).North Korea continues to do whatever it wants, even after sanctions issued again their nuclear development plans by the United Nations.