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The lemons, when blending with the cypress, a wonderful accord of a green, zesty lemon smell comes to mind - lemon verbena or petit grain with verbena in a blender (all leaves, herbs with a full squeeze of fresh lemon juice).
By the time I made my decision "firm".the scent had faded and I felt like I had to let go of my lover's hand.It opens with a juicy, overripe peach, paired with a soft, sweet apricot blossom that emphasizes the peachy sweetness.Lancome Tresor is something of an enigma.Whoever thinks this is too bitter - I totally disagree.So, here I am in the middle of winter in Northern California and I find a bottle for the Spring Summer.This rose is darker and more velvety than the subtle pink rose that opened.A little muskier than the perfume, it wears close to the skin and is unabashedly sexy.The florals are there in the opening, but soft.GypsyParfumista really hit this one on the head - excellent review and distinction between this bottling and the original, Eau d'Hadrien.I have crich tramway village 2 for 1 voucher tested and worn Eau d'Hadrien and love it - as many times as I've contemplated a full-bottle purchase, it just didn't happen.The pure parfum is less sweet on me, less silage, but good longevity, compared to the EDP.
That is Tresor, a fresh, not too sour or sweet pineapple, combined with end-of-summer peaches to create a strong ripe fruit accord.Again, for the Goutal house - pure adoration.I wanted this sooner - but it wasn't.Generally, those that perceive Tresor as dull describe a generic rose and jasmine floral.H.Weber!) combine in the top with grapefruit, and a squeeze of mandarin orange.It is the best known, and best selling Lancome, but if you look at the graphical representation on Fragrantica of those that Love, Like, or Dislike Tresor, it is striking how many people dislike this fragrance.However - that is how it presents itself initially and in the heart, it warms to show the beautiful, sharp cypress.This gets every part of the lemon - from the juice to the pulp to the bitter rind (just wonderful)!I love the musky drydown, which adds to the powdery, bitter iris note still lingering from the orris root student hotel discount code and iris.

Highly recommended, especially for those who love this realm of scent.
It never loses its radiant freshness.
Unfortunately, many others describe Tresor as suffocating, headache-inducing, overwhelming and offensive.