small gift ideas for students from teachers

I usually spend about 10 for each block on the candy n teas.
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Depending on your budget, you could add a aig matching gift program nice canister of hot cocoa and marshmallows.This is the perfect tag to use to embellish your favorites compiled in a basket or on a plate! (I also give them a book from Scholastic).(Order from m) Geneva Goodney We give a page of coupons per subject area (LA, SS, Science, Math) with a free homework pass, one day late pass, 15 minutes of computer time, shoes off, add 5 points to a quiz grade/daily grade use.Salt dough or cinnamon ornaments are so easy!By the end of the year, your students will be so enthralled with the summer fun that awaits them.30 Student Gift Ideas, here are my picks for the top 30 gift ideas in no particular order.These cute tags are available here, and come with a coloring page.
Anne Williams, i give a coupon usually for 5 or 10 extra points on any assignment or test.
My class always gets snowman soup.Most of them do involve a small cost, but some are free.Please post it in a comment below.This idea is for all your practical gift lovers!These are simple and sweet.Amy Larson, coupon books for free time, sit by a friend, no homework, first in line, etc.I teach middle schoolers.I have it cut into squares for personal whiteboards.I keep these for the next years class.This idea is simple, but so cute!