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Prime Minister, the federal Opposition leader, local members of both state and federal parliaments, and state Governors may also send salutations for the same anniversaries.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson, Office of the Bishop.Seventh son of a Seventh son is the 7th album of the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, brought out in 1988.Jersey numbers In association football, the right midfielder traditionally wears the number.An unnamed eighth individual appeared among the seven in 1 Samuel 16, then David as the youngest is brought before Samuel.24 Isaac Newton identified 7 colors of the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.7 is the only number D for which the equation 2 n D x 2 has more than two solutions for n and x natural.The number of dastgahs in Persian traditional music.Programs edit 7 Days, a comedy gameshow based on news stories from New Zealand.
He is the honorary gift ideas for high school softball coach seventh member of the Ultra Garrison In House of Anubis (on Nickelodeon the "chosen one" has to be born on 7/7 (July 7) at 7:00am.
In the Fushigi Yuugi manga series, the four beast gods each have seven warriors, the Genbu Seven, the Byakko Seven, the Seiryuu Seven, and the Suzaku Seven.This is called a "seven-out".The symbols have changed over time."Nenosen seiska" teki paluun: Tiesitkö, mistä poikkiviiva on peräisin?".In Ultimate Frisbee, there are seven players on the field for each team.

The novel Seven Days in May, written by Fletcher Knebel.
The traditional count of Basque provinces as expressed in the slogan Zazpiak Bat, translates as "the seven are one" and refers to the seven Basque traditional provinces.
In fact, if one sorts the digits in the number 142,857 in ascending order, 124578, it is possible to know from which of the digits the decimal part of the number is going to begin with.