However, my money is on Floyd knowing how to deal with this pay to win by probing instead of committing and feinting to draw out the intentions of McGregor.
This would certainly compound McGregors starting boxing-disadvantage, and its hard to see him being able to parry Mayweathers calculated assaults with flailing stumps.
JG The sheer wattage of the event, provided its not a total dud, could drum up enough interest in boxing to draw eyeballs to the real fight of the year: the long-awaited middleweight title unification fight between Canelo Álvarez and Gennady Golovkin on 16 September.
ZM Nobody in boxing history has done what Floyd has done.JG The highest purse of McGregors career, and richest in the history of mixed martial arts, was 3m for his rematch with Nate Diaz last year.Plus the spinning disk weapon was so sick.You can expect to see this throughout the fight against Pacquiao.LC, presuming Mayweather remains in character, hell sort out the Irishmans movements in the first quarter of the fight before going to work.JG, mcGregor has as much of a chance in a boxing match as Mayweather would have under.From round 1.
A Mayweather loss might damage the credibility of a sport that many believe to be fading, but more likely the defeat would be written off as a dumb money grab from a fighter who should have stayed retired.
JG, its been a decade since Floyd stopped an opponent inside the distance cleanly and theres little in his body of work over that span to suggest he will press for a knockout.
August weekends are among the slowest in American sports and dropping a huge fight in the deadest time is a real boost for everyone at least everyone rich enough to buy this fight.Its hard to say how much of a nullifying effect blunting its primary weapon would have, but the disc itself can spin at up to 750rpm.With their titanium foe dispatched, the two humans would turn their attentions to one another.Obviously, Hypno-Disc will win.Some of the responses are nothing more than three parts nostalgia and one part ignorance.BAG (See above response.) ZM This is the biggest fight in both sports on every level when it comes to the promotion.Mayweather and McGregor become so enamored with the attention that they sign up for 10 years of these fights.It takes a lot of power to be able to do what hes doing right now.