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While this was true for my initial testing, Engin have recently made changes to their network which can no longer guarantee it will work at all!
Introduction, the holiday gifts for seniors SpeedStream 4200 Router is a modem with a combined router and firewall supporting an embedded PPPoE client which means service providers get easier deployment and users get connected without having to load special software or bother with setting up confusing connection settings.One example is a Grandstream HT 386 and the Engin network.Generally it is implemented via a Telnet interface and the SpeedStream is no exception.Top of page How to Reset a SpeedStream 4200 to Factory Defaults Resetting the modem may be required if you have changed the modems settings and wish to reset it to the factory default configuration.NAT and/or napt are required in a Router to enable multiple computers to access the internet at the same time in a Home/Office network.It reports the following: (Note: enter m for the stun server as the default one no longer seems to work) NAT Mapping is not endpoint independent - VoIP will NOT work.The only real difference with the Firmware, if you wish to use it for another english speaking location, should be definition of the VPI/VCI settings.Dansaki re, dansaki re baba, eh, in my life, you are the miracle worker.
Dansaki re, dansaki re baba, im acknowledging you for who you are.Can be acquired easily at very reasonable prices.As long as you know what settings are applicable for your location and/or ISP you will.QoS and make sure it also supports the ability to be set up as "End point Independent" for UDP.It has also been widely distributed by Optus although Optus made a number of modifications to the original firmware.Then release the Reset button.Top of page SpeedStream 4200 Technical Specifications You will find details on the technical Specifications of the SpeedStream 4200 on this page.

Unless you have a particular reason you should generally stick to the version that was installed by the original supplier of the Router.