world of warcraft archaeology rewards

Quests Fixed a bug causing one of the Shadra Betrayers to evade during "The Ancient One".
Isle of Conquest Gate health reduced.
Restoration All Restoration Druid healing reduced by minimale animale promo code 10 when engaged in combat with enemy players.
Maraudon Reduced Rotgrips attack damage.Bone Armor now more substantial and inexpensive grandparents day gifts effective on Ever Watching From Above.Druid Feral Rake deals an additional 60 damage in PvP situations while Stealthed (was 100).Quests "Continue Your Training: Master Woo" and its corresponding daily quest have been temporarily removed.Hunter Beast Mastery All damage reduced.Quests Fixed a bug where Paku could fail to appear as expected during Zandalar Forever!
The Slitherblade Naga vehicle's abilities should now deal damage and heal properly on "Wetter than Wet".
Unholy Festering Doom damage increased.Killing Spree damage reduced by 20 when engaged in combat with enemy players.Dungeons and Raids Uldir Fetid Devourer Reduced melee damage and Shockwave Stomp by 10 on Mythic difficulty.Natural Harmony (Elemental, Enhancement) secondary stat bonuses increased.Merchant Greenfield again gives the player seeds for "Learn and Grow I: Seeds".General Nazgrim is again present for "The Art of War" and "Warchief's Command: Jade Forest".Professions Alchemy The Alchemist Flask should now appear in the correct expansion category and no longer require Pandaria Alchemy to use.Mage Shimmer should not interrupt channeled spells.